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Raggay Bee new collab “sika ye mogya remix is finally seeing the light of day.

Raggay Bee may go down as the album, which has spawned the most remixes in hip-hop in recent times. A number of the tracks from the June released project have already picked up hot new remixes. So far, “Jump On the Beat” has been remixed twice, with the latest one featuring Y pee That song has not yet been released. However, the shots from the music video show that it could be here anytime soon.

Approximately a Monday 5th January 2021 following the release of the Of Sika ye mogya remix it was announced that one of the leading songs from the album “Raggay Bee Sika ye mogya ft Y pee,” would be getting drenched infused rub. Yup! The high energy, reggaeton based track was scheduled to be remixed by two of the biggest names in hip-hop Raggay Bee and Y pee

Raggay Bee

recently shared an image of the updated cover art, hinting that things are now finally complete and just about ready for fans to dig in. “@Raggay Bee @Team Rabbis Di world Inna trouble #sika ye mogya remix ft Y pee Assin Fosu ready?” The Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta star said in her announcement to her 3.2 million Instagram followers.

The reigning king of hip-hop and the man much considered the Best of rapp have already shown the world that their chemistry is unbeatable. They first collaborated on the Billboard hit “Romping Shop,” continued with “Conjuctual Visit,” and topped things off with “Back Way.” The latter has a similar energy to that of “that Sika ye mogya remix featuring Y pee,” so it shouldn’t be hard for them to find the connection on the upcoming release.

Being a member of Team Rabbis outfit means that Raggay has collaborated with many Famous on numerous occasions. This could be another one for the hip-hop history books 10X Platinum music producer Rabbis remains the mastermind behind the cut.

If history is anything to go by, we could see this upcoming release, which features Y pee giants of kumerican hip-hop soaring to unimaginable heights outside of Ghana

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