Pastor defiles a 5-year-old girl - Mcee Carthy

Pastor defiles a 5-year-old girl 

The story we’ve chanced on is about a popular Nigerian Pastor identified as George Amaechi Okeaghalam. According to the story, the pastor has now found himself in the grips of the police after defiling a 5-year-old-girl.

Pastor George reportedly defiled the child (name withheld) just a few days to his white wedding. This incident is said to have happened at Umuguma village, Owerri.

By reports, the little girl went to the Pastor’s house to play with some friends but unfortunately, her friends did not show up. She was then lured by the pastor into his room and was defiled.

After the pastor’s evil action, he threatened to kill the 5-year-old girl if she reports the incident to anyone.

An invitation card which shows that the pastor was preparing to get married this Saturday. 12 December 2020 at Heaven Power Believers Solution Ministry in Owerri popped up on the internet since his arrest went viral.

Sweet Mothers Foundation, an NGO who reported the sad incident to the police gave their account.

“The suburb in the town of Umuguma, Owerri has been thrown into fear of the safety of their recreational children as a 5-year-old child has been defiled by an alleged Pastor, neighbour and acquaintance of the girl’s parents.

Mcee Carthy 


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